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U.S. consumers, what are your credit needs?


* File 2013 taxes, fast, easy way to do taxes online.

* Unsecured personal loans, bad credit - apply today.

* Credit card search, rebuild bad credit using a card.

* Bad credit credit card, for rebuilding credit.

* Debt relief, payoff small bills fast.

* Rebuild bad credit cards, using a card to repair credit.

* New home loan, find the best low interest rates.

* Refinance a mortgage, lower payments or pay bills.

* Prepaid cards, pay as you go using a card.

* Government grants, apply for a grant.

* Unclaimed money, get money that may be yours.


April 2014 tip:

Have 3 credit card balances? Why not transfer those to one low interest credit card and work hard to pay it off before making any more charges. 

Search for a credit card


Personal Loan, Personal Loan from a Family Member:


When a personal loan is needed, some people contact a family member first for a loan, but this may not work for everyone. It could get sensitive when a loan is not repaid to a family member, and family bonds get broken forever. Anyone, including family, would like to know that if they loan money, they will get repaid in a timely manner. Many a relationship has been severed due to non payment of a family loan.


Some people do well getting loans from family, and may even use the same family member over and over. This can work if the money is always repaid. The good thing is that a family loan usually does not have interest fees added. It can help to write a contract so the family member and borrower will have something in writing that can signed and dated. This helps keep the loan details clearly outlined and give some peace of mind to the lender. 


Tips for a Family Personal Loan:


* Hand write or type a loan contract, include the date, the amount of the loan, and repayment terms.

* The lender and the borrower should sign the paper and both should get a copy.

* Discuss if the family lender will get any interest for the loan or if there will be no interest added and include this in the

   details for the loan.


When debts are so out of control that bankruptcy may be considered, paying back a personal loan to family members can be important in order to help keep a healthy, positive relationship with the family lender. Bankruptcy can happen with some people due to medical hardships, divorce problems, the loss of a job, or other circumstances. Family members who were good enough to give a loan, would certainly like to get paid, even if the borrower must file bankruptcy.


When thinking about filing for bankruptcy, it can be good to talk to a bankruptcy professional and ask questions about family loans, other outstanding loans, and debts that may need to be paid before filing for bankruptcy. This is not the best solution for all people, so getting some advice from a bankruptcy lawyer could be very helpful. There are always several ways to get debt relief with or without having to file bankruptcy.


Finding credit services can be easy and fast once you know what you need!

* E-file taxes online, April 15, 2014 is the deadline.

* Applications for a good or bad credit loans

* Secured or unsecured credit cards for bad credit

* Getting money through personal loans, with no credit check...

* Credit card debt consolidation, credit counseling

* Debt relief, debt settlement or debt consolidation

* New home loan, refinance mortgage for lower payments

   free new or used auto loan quotes

* Budget tips, cut unnecessary expenses calculator

* Credit Card Search, Instant approval, guaranteed cards

* Apply for cards to rebuild credit.

* Secured cards, credit cards to help rebuild credit. Choose the one that reports to all 3 credit bureaus.

* Instant approval or guaranteed cards can have low deposits.


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Preview Personal loan offers and apply online. Review our free Secured and Unsecured Personal Loan Tips and Other Funding Options.


Need a loan for debts? Have bad credit? It may be possible. 

What kind of debt do you have? Secured or unsecured bills? A medical debt is an example of an unsecured debt, while a mortgage payment is an example of a secured debt.


There are several debt relief options, knowing which one is right can be difficult at times and a debt professional's advice can be helpful. There are several ways to get debt relief even with bad credit. For small debts, consider a payday loan or borrow money from someone and repay them. For credit card debts, consider credit card debt consolidation, by moving balances to just one low interest credit card


Why use loans to pay late Debts?

* To avoid high added late fees on bills.

* To keep negative creditor comments off credit reports.

* To avoid negative documentation on reports.

* To pay bills on time to maintain good credit.


When bills are late, figure how much in late fees will be added to the bill, if is $30.00 or more dollars on several bills, it may be better to borrow money in the form of a small loan to pay the debt by the due date. Late fees on one bounced check at the bank can be as much as $37.00 this can be higher than the interest on a small personal loan.


Paying off late bills:

When bills are going to be late and there will be a high late fee added, using a loan can be the cheapest way to go. For example, if borrowing a $100.00 has a charge of $10.00 this could be cheaper than paying $30.00 in late charges on one late bill.


Bill Tip: Save money by not paying late and having late charges added to a bill. 


Best tips to repair bad credit:

* Apply for new credit, like a credit card, as a way to rebuild poor

  or bad credit. Getting small loans - even a payday loan that

  reports good repayment habits to a major credit agency can help

  with the rebuilding credit process.


* Pay down debts or pay off bills in full to build good credit.

   Reduce the debt to available credit ratio by paying off debts. 


* Use a prepaid or debit card when you can't get a regular

   unsecured credit card. Some credit card companies offer an

   unsecured credit card offer later. Review popular prepaid cards.


* Always pay bills on time to get good credit history on credit

  reports. Over time this can help rebuild bad credit.


Paying off a loan can help repair credit:

Paying off a small loan, like some payday loans, or using a 

credit card that reports good paying habits to major credit bureaus. It takes credit to mend credit. By not doing anything, the bad credit information in right up front. Some people will take out a small payday loan that reports to credit agencies just so they can pay it off and get some good information on reports.


Getting Rejected for Loans from banks:

When getting a personal loan is not possible due to bad credit through a bank, a small personal loan - like a payday loan may be one solution to get money fast to pay off late bills or other small debts. Many companies who provide applications for these loans offer a no credit check loan which means more people are able to get approved for a loan. Getting a personal loan with bad credit has become easier to get than years ago.


Can a payday loan help repair credit?

* If the creditor reports positive comments about paying on time to a major credit bureau, it could help get positive credit history on credit reports.


When credit needs to be rebuilt, payday loan lenders who report good repayment habits to a major credit agency, is one tool to use in the credit repair process. Making a small loan and repaying it on time is one way to build good credit history. 

Apply for a personal loan for bad credit.


* Does the lender report payment habits? If so, good

   credit reporting means building a good credit history.


Paying bills late affects credit:

Late or missed bill payments can quickly cause credit scores to drop and take months to rebuild. Late bills can also mean added late charges. The goal is to get good paying history on credit reports. When bills are going to be late, and there is no money to pay them, a payday loan may be an option to use to payoff bills on time. Of course there are other options like borrowing money from family or friends. Banks may not loan money to people with awful credit, and a payday loan may be the only way to get extra money. 


Getting approval for a 5 Year Personal Loan when credit is bad:

For large loans that can take 5 or more years to repay, it would need to be a secured loan or a loan that uses some type of collateral. Lenders do not give out thousands and thousands of dollars without securing some asset in the event the borrower does not repay the loan. For large personal loans for $2,500 or more, a bank and not a payday lender would need to be a loan option. Banks are picky and may or may not approve people with bad credit.


Need a loan less than or more than $2500? 

No matter - bad credit, no credit, good credit online 

paycheck loans may be a solution to get money to help with financial problems. These payday companies have a large source of lenders who are able to approve many credit types like, no credit, bad credit, poor credit, and good credit people. Traditional banks are often strict about loaning money to people with poor credit, and that is why these loans are extremely popular. Getting money in a matter of a couple of hours or less than 24 can be important. 


Repaying Paycheck Loans:

Because there are hundreds of payday loan companies, the terms, conditions, fees, services, and repayment dates can vary. Some fast cash loans can be repaid in a couple of weeks or a couple of months. Many have great services and fees. It is important to review these details in the FAQ pages of the payday loan site.


Payday Loan Money to Borrow:

Payday loan companies loan different amounts, review the payday loan website for these details. Some loan a couple of hundred dollars up to $2,500. The repayment time can also be different with each loan company. Only borrow the amount needed that can be repaid on the date due.


Loans for people with poor to bad credit:

Consumers needing a bad credit loan, have the option of applying for a payday loan. For those who need cash fast, may only get approved for a short term personal loan and not a bank loan. Many banks do not extend loans to those with less than perfect credit. Yet emergencies and extra cash are often needed. The only solution for many people are fast cash loans. These are often referred to as a same day loan. Some require bank accounts, this can help when approved, to get the money within hours.


Getting Approved for loans with Bad Credit:

Many banks will not approve people with bad credit for a loan. When this happens, those with less than perfect credit need options to get a fast cash loan for whatever the reason. There are may online reputable payday lenders who will approved bad credit applicants to get the money they need within 24 hours or less. 


Credit Reports, Credit Scores:

Legitimate free credit report, Credit Reports

Rebuild Credit Report Tips, Credit reports reveal important things about your personal credit like negative information, closed accounts, active accounts, and outstanding loans. It is best to know what is on your credit reports that could be causing you to get loans with high interest rates. 

Not knowing what is on credit reports will not help you manage your personal credit effectively.


Credit Cards: Quick options for credit cards whether seeking sub-prime, secured cards, unsecured cards bad credit, instant approval, no deposit cards, cards to rebuild credit, or 

guaranteed cards


Loans & credit cards and rebuilding bad credit:

There are choices with credit problems to begin to fix bad credit or less than perfect credit using credit.


* Secured cards, with low deposits who report to credit agencies can help when trying to rebuild bad credit.

* Prepaid cards, easy to load with money for shopping

* Payday loans who report to credit bureaus

* Auto loans, new or used loans for bad or good credit


*** Credit card companies and loan companies that report good payment habits to a major credit agency will help in the credit repair process. 


Credit reports are important to review reports for negative information that can be the cause of bad credit. It is good to review them to identify ID theft or your divorced spouse who may be applying for credit in your name.


Tips on Budgeting, Get Credit in Good Shape:

Using credit in a positive manner helps build good credit. Getting on a budget and watching expenses can help so that payments are not made late on bills.


Short term personal loans are often called payday loans, cash advance, no credit check loan, check advance, fast cash loans, loan till payday, and are popular because some people who can't get approved for a loan at a bank due to bad credit or no credit, may be able to get approved for a no credit check loan.


Need a Personal Loan Check?

Short term loans are "payday loans", they are also called cash advance loans, payday advances, or fast cash personal loans. Many lenders never do a credit check for people applying for a loan - even those who have bad credit. They do verify the information of the people who apply for the loan using some form of database.


To get a loan depends on a couple of things and some states may even limit the amount of payday loans for people. Online some companies may say their loan process does not require a fax - not all states offer a faxless payday loan process.


Some payday loan services offered to some people may be different based on a customer's eligibility and the state law. Some websites offer same day loans but that may not be possible in some states, as with any loan, there could be some restrictions.


People who have credit problems might benefit from credit counseling instead of constantly borrowing money for financial difficulties. Getting out of debt by using payday loans constantly is not a long term solution, but can be a solution for small money needs.


There are some lenders who may advertise to people to get approved quickly and get cash or a check fast. It depends on each state what the available loan and terms would be for payday loans.


Paying off bills and getting out of debt:


Many people are looking for debt relief after Christmas, the important thing is not to let bills pile up with added late fees. This only makes debt get worse. Tackle debt problems fast and devise a debt relief plan. 


Whether it is to start paying down debts or take out a loan to pay off all the small debts. Something needs to be decided. Review the family budget to see if there is money to be found by eliminating wasteful spending or whether it is to get a second job to have money for bills.


*** Legit Credit helps provides U.S. consumers with resources to find loans and other credit services. 


 Saving Money Tip:
April 15, 2014 Limiting what is spent on fun stuff or eating out a lot, can be the way to have more money to use to pay off bills. A couple of months of keeping more of your paycheck for bills will be worth eliminating some bill stresses.



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